metalife trinity - the complete life science solution

Metalife Explorer categorizes applications performing automatic compilation of information.
Based on the integrated Metalife Knowledge Base and the biological object model the applications in the Metalife Explorer Suite automatically compile complete dossiers on selected items (e.g. proteins, genes or low molecular weight compounds). These dossiers contain information collected from all integrated data sources which is grouped in meaningful categories. Additionally, they are enriched with information that is extracted from scientific publications by our text extraction procedures.
The optimized user interfaces guarantee fast and efficient access to the relevant information.
Metalife Predictor is a set of tools for in silico prediction of features and functional characteristics of a given biological object. Sophisticated algorithms and position scoring matrices utilize all the background information to further refine the prediction results produced by a wide variety of optimized sequence based algorithms.
Different algorithms are improved and combined in an intelligent way to increase and maximize the accuracy of the predictions. To further increase the reliability of the results they complement with the context information from databases, which is extracted from text sources and from accumulated conceptual knowledge. Metalife Predictor goes far beyond prediction of discrete intrinsic molecular properties by utilizing the accumulated information content of the Metalife Knowledge Base including the background information from our text mining tools.
Metalife Analyzer Suite contains a set of software tools that improve and create knowledge based ontologies, drive the evolution of lexical tools and enable knowledge extraction by automatic classification of data and abstraction of common concepts.
The need for classification and abstraction of common concepts arises from the enormous increase of the amount of published life sciences text. It has become entirely impossible to keep the pace and read all relevant literature. The automated procedures in the Metalife Analyzer Suite such as information extraction and smart in silico reading are filling this knowledge gap.
Metalife Analyzer dramatically enhances interpretation and understanding of complex structures underlying large sets of data.